Master Mixes for GENECHECKER™ Ultra-Fast PCR Systems


The latest reagent technology ensures ultra-fast reactions!


  • Optimized for ultra-fast reaction with GENECHECKER™
  • High sensitivity, efficiency, reproducibility and minimized PCR inhibition
  • Uses novel antibody-mediated hot-start DNA polymerases
  • Options are available for general thermal cycling, real-time analysis and one-step RT-PCR

Another innovation through the latest PCR reagent technology

Adding to the innovative hardware technology for PCR instrumentation, reliable reagent technology is another key component to perform ultra-fast amplification and detection of genes in PCR applications. Genesystem offers a series of PCR master mixes for ultra-fast PCR tasks using GENECHECKER™.
Depending on the application, three different formats are available for immediate and easy use for your  PCR applications.

Developments to give more value to your PCR application

The Series of master mixes for Genesystem are a 2x concentrated, ready-to-use reaction cocktail containing all components, except primers and template, for ultra-fast PCR tasks. These premixes includes a novel antibody-mediated hot-start DNA polymerases with improved speed when compared to other commercial polymerases. The master mix for real-time detection includes a double strand DNA specific-binding fluorescent dye and also there is a reverse transcriptase available for one-step RT-PCR applications.
In addition, the Uracil-DNA glycosylase with dUTP system is applied to these PCR premixes for the prevention of carryover contamination. All the master mixes of Genesystem have been optimized to deliver maximum PCR efficiency, sensitivity and robust fluorescent signal using fast cycling protocols for dye-based detection in ultra-fast real-time PCR using GENECHECKER™.


Components                                                  Volume

DNA Template                                   Your Volume

2x Master Mix                                                5μl

Forward Primer (5-10 pmoles/μl)            1μl

Reverse Primer (5-10 pmoles/μl)             1μl

D.W.                                                  Adjust to Final 10μl 




Step                              Condition                         Cycle(s)                           Condition                  Cycle(s)

cDNA Synthesis           Set at 0 sec                      0                                50°C for 5-30 mins          1

Enzyme Activation     95°C for 30 secs              1                                 95°C for 30 secs              1 

PCR   Denature            95°C for 3-10 secs         30-50                      95°C for 3-10 secs        30-50            Annealing   (your temp) 3-10 secs        30-50                             3-10 secs                   30-50            Extension            72°C for 3-10 secs         30-50                      72°C for 3-10 secs         30-50


Cat. No.                                        Description                                                                         Pack Size

004001      Rapi:Detect Master Mix with Fluorescent Dye

                          for Model UF-150 GENECHECKER™ (400 Reactions)               1mL x 2 Tubes

004002     Rapi:1-Step Onestep RT-PCR Kit with Fluorescent Dye 

                          for Model UF-150 GENECHECKER™ (400 Reactions)               1mL x 2 Tubes

004003      Rapi:Amp Master Mix 

                          for Model UF-100 GENECHECKER™ (400 Reactions)               1mL x 2 Tubes