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Innovative and exciting (UF-150 GENECHECKER™ qPCR unit shown)


Victory Scientific has a mission to bring innovative, unique and exciting products to the Laboratory at sensible prices. We understand that by utilizing advancements in techology, it will lead to better results.  See why products like our PCR and qPCR machines make us a better solution for the lab.

A brand new and better PCR concept


By pushing conventional boundaries we incorporated technological changes which produce a faster and better system compared with established units.  Unique Polymer chips called  Rapi:chip™ replace PCR tubes and plates for Ultra fast qPCR and PCR runs.   Ultra fast Master Mixes coupled with our  Rapi:chip™ and  GENECHECKER™  PCR and qPCR units allow for protocols to be completed in as little as 12 Minutes! 

Innovative and Unique


In addition to our PCR products, innovations in Patented Wireless Temperature Monitoring allows labs to safely monitor their precious samples without going through a firewall.  Our  Micro-Liter Spectrophotometer allows users to fully recover the sample, unlike traditional "Nano" type Spectrophotometers.

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